Love, Loss and Letting in a Bit of Joy

Love, Loss and Letting in a Bit of Joy

Fun with Food

Finding Joy in Grief

As I look at my posts for the past few years, I can see how life’s events have changed the trajectory of what I thought I’d be writing about.

Grief, trauma, trauma, grief – an endless loop.

Working through everything, I do see that it is possible to be grieving and living. Feeling sad while feeling glad. Feeling pain while feeling joy.

Any little heart sighting would fill me with joy, even for a few minutes. #FindingJoyInGrief #Joy #Grief Share on X

I started noticing heart-shaped items after Sarah passed away. From food to items in nature, I was sure to find a heart – a little calling card that she is close by me at all times. Any little heart sighting would fill me with joy – even in my grief – for a few minutes.


As I continue down this healing journey – body, mind and spirit – there are some days that I have had enough sadness and start adding a little silliness to the day. As I recover from my back injury, I have revisited my handy-dandy journal of ideas and decided to implement an idea today.

Originally, my goal was a blog dedicated to lifestyle, featuring food, fun and humorous posts. All was well, until life took twists and turns and really knocked me off course.

So back to being silly…

One of my last college courses was a digital presentation class. I forgot how much fun I had, and how many cool things I learned. Helping a colleague navigate Zoom last week reminded me of things I wanted to add to my site, such as videos, podcasts, games and more.

I have taken thousands of pictures with the intent to use them to jog my memory to write posts, as well as embedding those said photos. Since I am so far behind on writing my food posts, I decided to jog my readers’ memories with a fun little game.

Sometimes it’s nice to not take myself or life too serious.

So here is my silly gift to you – a little game and a little break from the hard work you may be doing today. A little-self-care. A little challenge. A little fun with food.

Matching Memory Game


I hope you had fun with this little break, and I will be adding more interactive items on my site, soon.

Wishing you a bit of joy in the midst of whatever you are dealing with today.

Much love,

Love and Loss




PS – How did you do? Did you re-take this to better your score? Would you like to see more interactive items on my site? Let me know in the comments below!

11 Replies to “Love, Loss and Letting in a Bit of Joy”

  1. I love your post today. Cloud formations are surely one form of communication we have with our loved ones who have passed on. Heart and angel cloud formations really speak to me. I’m glad you enjoy the same response. The interactive game was really fun. Thanks for giving me a chance to smile!

  2. Lynne, Thank you for posting the matching game, it was a lot of fun! It took 1:05 and 18 turns. I don’t know if that’s good or bad but it doesn’t matter, it was fun anyway! Yes, I think everyone enjoys games; they help take us away from our thoughts and troubles for a little while. I love the symbolism of hearts and angels that are found in random places. Would love to see some of your angel photos!

  3. I love it when we receive “messages” in the form of hearts and shapes in the clouds … when we’re open to these notes from the universe, we find comfort in unexpected places . Love the potato chip 🙂 Thanks for the smiles today, Lynne! Keep smiling.

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