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Learning how journaling can help!

We are living in unprecedented times. Stress from worldly events, a pandemic, work, personal and other issues seem to be creating a turbulent feeling in ourselves, our relationships and the work-world. Many people are acting out of trauma, without even understanding that they are!

Lynne has created and facilitates a series of workshops to bring awareness to grief and trauma, and how one can understand and learn how to self-care and regulate emotions. Lynne shares what she has learned as she embarks on a healing journey from grief and trauma, and she has recently completed a CEU in David Kessler’s “Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief,” which she can incorporate into her workshops.

Workshops can be held in-person or via Zoom.

Art Journaling

NEW IN 2022!

Art Journaling: Click the link and learn more about art journaling and how to book a workshop, where participants learn to express themselves without using words. No art skills required!

Art Journaling for Employees: Treat your employees to a fun way to unwind after a stressful day, and how to process stress using art, not words. Click on the link for details – and, no art skills are required!


Other journaling workshops:

Healing Power of Journaling: Click on the link for a .pdf, explaining how this journaling workshop can help with stress, anxiety and more.

Healing Power of Journaling for Employees: Click on the link, and learn how you can help your staff reduce stress, anxiety and more.

Journaling for Emotional Sobriety: Click on the link to learn how journaling can help you process emotions and become emotionally sober.

Emotional Sobriety in the Workplace: Click on the link to learn how to help your staff become emotionally sober by bringing awareness to their triggers, how to process, and have a safer work environment.

Lynne is also  available as a workshop panel member.

Here’s what people have to say about Lynne’s workshops:

“…  participants responded to Lynne’s workshop with raving reviews. They loved the connection of childhood stressors being reflected into adulthood…  Thank you for your generosity of sharing the knowledge.”

Emanuela DeCenso, Head of Adult Services
Farmington Community Library, Farmington, MI