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If you are looking for a writer for your blog, publication, Website content, or to write your newsletter, feel free to contact Lynne via email: lynne@lynnecobb.com.

Lynne’s experience includes writing for major dailies, local and national magazines, ghostwriting, product reviews, compiling editorial and event calendars, public speaking, social media, content for websites and more. Currently, Lynne is the editor of a local, monthly newspaper.

Additionally, she writes and edits employee manuals, newsletters, instruction books and more.


Below are links to articles and essays which have been published in various publications.

Lynne has essays published in these anthologies:


Articles Lynne has written/published:

Community Lifestyles/part 1 – CL John Katona 1

Community Lifestyles/part 2 – CL John Katona 2

Community Lifestyles – CL Ms Senior Michigan

Community Life Styles – CL Otto – Smithsonian

Michigan Prime – Ditching the Dye

Detroit Free Press Twist Magazine

Detroit Free Press Editorial

Guideposts – Angels on Earth Sept/Oct 2013

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Quarterly – Fall 2012

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Quarterly – Spring


3 Replies to “Writing Porfolio”

  1. Hi Lynne,

    I wanted to connect with you as we are both fledgling freelance writers and this ‘business’ can be lonely at times. My aim for 2014 was to create part-time freelance work for myself as a potential retirement income. I am 56 and wanted my portfolio in place and attractive to clients prior to leaving ‘proper’ work.
    I hope we can touch base from time to time.
    Good luck in your endeavors.

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